Samos island 1977 / Photographer MA, writer, documentarian

email: jstratoudakis@gmail.com

Son of the cinematographer George Stratoudakis, John came in contact with Photography and Cinematography from a very early age, creating a very strong bond with the world of imagine. He study Photography at the School of Art and Desing of Volos, as with individuals like the photographers Leon Mourtzoukos and Thomas Herbrich. In 2010 start his preperation for the “Master of Arts in Photography” from the International Art Academy, title he earned in December of 2012

FYROΜ, Ohrid 2011

Egypt, Giza 2010

2009 was chosen by magnum photographer David A. Harvey through the competition “Emerging Photographers Found” and “Burn” magazine, as one of the 200 emerging photographers of the year.

Greece, Veria 2011

John was professor in D.I.E.K. school of Photography from 2007 to 2012. Today is a professor of Photography in International Art Academy. Time to time gives lectures and seminars in many Greek cities.

Greece, Crete, Chania 2011

Greece, Kozani 2011

Greece, Crete, Chania 2012

In May of 2012 John and photographer Natassa Karakatsani, create together the “Orama”, an emerging photographic team with main goal the photographic documentation of social issues via personal artistic filter. The team has also two other members, the photographers Giannis Geropoulos from Volos and Kostas Papaioannou from Florina. The first work of Orama was the documentary “Body, Memory, City”, which is a combination of Photography and motion picture.

Non stop education:

  • Certificate in Storytelling, sound and colourWesleyan university 2013
  • Master of Fine Arts in PhotographyInternational Art Academy 2013
  • Certificate in Humanities – Model Thinkinguniversity of Michigan 2012
  • Certification of acomplishment in Introduction to Psychology,  Aegean university & Citizens Academy 2011
  • Semiotics and Optical Perseption  with photographer T. Herbrich 2007-2009
  • Certification of acomplishment in “Teacher of 21st centure”Democritus university of Thrace 2003
  • Certificate in Photography,  School of Art and Design of Volos 1999-2002


  • International Art Academy 2013
  • University of Thessaly 2012 – 2013
  • Fmag.gr (photographic magazine) 2010 – 2013
  • D.I.E.K. (School of Photography) 2007 – 2012
  • Eidolo magazine 2005 – 2007

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